If you can answer a simple Quiz Question!
You will have a 1 in 100 chance of winning
between £400 and £10,000 !!!


The Pay Out is one of the most important factors in the Philosophy of www.100to1shot.com.

And it is simple.

80% of all revenue staked in our win money pots is paid out to the winner.

The whole idea behind 100to1shot.com was to create the most simple of online competitions where the contestants have the best chance of winning money or prizes.

We only pay out from the revenue collected in each pot.

This is why we don’t make outrageous claims of £100000 pay outs you can calculate for yourself exactly what the pay-out will be for each pot.

Reasonable but fair Pay-outs.

Some online competitions make promises of huge pay-outs and the way they cover themselves is to take out insurance AGAINST anybody winning the Jackpot! At 100to1shot.com we find this practice to be despicable! That is why we never promise to pay out more money than is staked in any of our win money pots! This way, we ensure there is always enough money to pay our win money pots as many times as they fill up. No, you will not win life changing amounts of money at 100to1shot.com but £400 to £10000 in this day and age is not something to be sniffed at.

Also bear in mind

If you were to place £5 on a horse at 100to1 the pay-out would be £500! As we have stated we pay out 80% of every win money pot so, at www.100to1shot.com for a £5 stake in the 100 stake pot you would walk away with £400! Not a bad pay out when you consider the fact that on the horses, the favourite is most likely to win, at 100to1shot.com there are never more than 100 stakes in any pot, but every stake gives you an equal chance to win money!

We want you to win online!

Unlike other online competitions we want you to win money. The more people who win the Jackpot the more people will play our online competitions.

Physical Prizes

100to1shot.com online competitions, is running many different competitions simultaneously. A Physical prize is where the competition offers a prize which can be anything other than cash. The prize will be adequately described but please check terms and conditions for more information on physical prizes.

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