If you can answer a simple Quiz Question!
You will have a 1 in 100 chance of winning
between £400 and £10,000 !!!


Q. How do I win Money or Prizes with 100to1shot?

A. You must answer a simple multiple choice question then you have the option to buy a Stake and enter it into your chosen pot. You win if your number/name is drawn from the limited number of Stakes in that Pot. There is a Maximum of 100 Stakes in any Pot. See Terms and Conditions for more info.

Q. Does it cost to enter 100to1shot?

A. It depends on the category you choose. We have a category which is absolutely free to enter…we call this category our Free Pots.
The other categories do have an entry fee and this entry fee is directly proportional to the jackpot pay-out. Remember there will never be more than 100 Stakes in any of the pots and we pay out 80% of the total stakes in the pot as the winner takes all jackpot! So for a £5 Stake with 100 people in the pot you have a 1 in 100 chance to win £400 which is comparable to the pay-out v stake on any betting site!
Competitions are running 24/7 and there are several different levels of play. The cost of each shot to enter each pot is clearly displayed in its category! The cost of a shot is set at £5 to £250. You can also enter for free by post see Terms and Conditions for more details.

Q. Why Should I pay to enter an online competition? Aren’t they normally free?

A. Yes there are thousands of free to enter competitions out there...But how many people do you know who have actually won one. Some of these competitions actually take out insurance to guard against you winning the top prize, add this to the fact that there could be thousands of people entered into the competition you start to see the futility in playing free to enter competitions.
We wanted to set up a competition for serious players who want to have fun playing competitions but realise it’s worth paying to enter to give themselves a real chance of winning the jackpot! How much money have you spent on the Lottery and Scratch Cards? How often have you won?
100to1shot.com Online Competitions is a totally new concept in online competitions…we have developed a totally transparent process where you can see exactly what happens to your money. You fill the pot we wait till there are a maximum of 100 entries then pay out 80% of the cash in the pot to the winner as the Jackpot.
This works out that the pay-out compared to the money staked will always be comparable to backing a 100to1 shot in a Horse Race, with one major difference….how many horses at 100to1 ever win? Definitely not 1 in 100 that’s for sure!

Q. Can I win money? How much money can I win?

A. Remember there are 4 Pot categories at 100to1shot.com Online competitions and the Pay-out for each Pot is dependent on the category. The prize will be clearly displayed next to each Pot. Within each category prizes will vary. The Pay-outs for the Big Money Pots are set at £400 to £10000 at the moment. The Prize in the Daily Pot will be wholly dependent on how many people enter on any given day! The Prize Pots will only pay out physical prizes and the Pay-outs in the free pots will vary!

Q. If I “play and win” one or more of the Pots how will I know?

A. You will be informed by email if you win money or prizes in our online competitions! If you win money your user name will also be displayed on the Website. You also have a Funds and Winnings tab attached to your account. This will tell you the exact details of every pot you are involved with.

Q. How do I claim my prize?

A. Once we have informed you that you have won by email..we will pay all winnings once a week...TO BE CONFIRMED. Cash prizes will be paid directly into your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account it is very easy to set one up. We like using Pay Pal for all transactions because it is the most secure way to transfer funds. Physical prizes will be dispatched to the postal address on your user account so make sure this address is correct.

Q. Are 100to1shot.com Online Competitions legal?

A. Yes! Any competition which has a skill element will not come under the control of UK Gaming laws. That is why to win money with 100to1shot online competitions you must first answer a simple multiple choice question. We also give you the option to enter the competition for free by post subject to terms and conditions. This free to enter option puts 100to1shot.com online competitions in the category of a Free Prize Draw. Free prize draws do not come under the control of UK Gaming laws!

Q. Are the questions Difficult?

A. It depends on your knowledge of general knowledge questions. However the question will never be more difficult than the average Morning TV phone in question. We also give you two chances to get the question right.

Q. How do I know that there will only be a limited number of Stakes in each Pot?

A. We guarantee that there will never be more Stakes in any pot than the number Stakes specified by that Category this means your “chance to win money” with 100to1shot is better than with any other “Online Competitions” , “Online Sweepstakes” or “Play and Win” contests out there. See our terms and conditions for more details.

Q. How will I know how many people /how many stakes are in each Pot/Competition?

A. There is an information feed attached to each Pot which will inform you of how many Stakes are in the pot, how many Stakes are needed to fill the Pot and a countdown timer telling you how much time is left to fill the pot!

Q. what happens if the pot does not fill up before the countdown timer reaches zero?

A. The pot must reach its activation level before anyone can “Win Money” this will be half full pot for the 100 Stake Pots, Half full for the 50 Stake Pots and Completely full for Prize Pots and Free pots. So as soon as the money pots have a minimum of 50 stakes the pot will payout 80% of the money in that pot! Remember all pots are on a countdown timer and each competition has a 7 day countdown. We predict that pots will get the maximum number of Stakes within this time so that there is a full pay out. If we do not reach the activation level within the 7 day countdown we will keep adding another 24 hours to the clock until the minimum number of stakes is achieved. So once activation level is reached for Money Pots the pot will pay out according to how many Stakes are in the pot. The pot will always pay out 80% of the total Stakes in the Pot!
Daily pots work on a 24 hour countdown. Once again there will never be more than 100 stakes in a daily pot but the activation level is only two stakes. As long as we have a minimum of two entries someone will win 80% of whatever is in the pot every day!
Remember if Activation level is not reached by the time the Countdown timer reaches Zero in any of our competitions more time will automatically be added until that pot is activated please be assured we will keep you informed every step of the way as to the status of the pot you have entered! Please see our Terms and Conditions for more info.

Q. How do I know if my Pay Pal payment has gone through?

A. Every time you take your shot and pay to enter your stake into your chosen pot in one of our online competitions, an email is automatically sent to the email address you gave us when you registered your account. This email contains a code which is proof of purchase for the transaction in question. Details and confirmation of the transaction will also be sent to you via your Pay Pal account.

Q. What is the “enter for free by post” option?

A. All Pots which Cost money to enter have an option where you can enter the competition for free by post. See terms and conditions for more details.

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