More prizes to be won in National Lottery but the price of a ticket doubles!

So National Lottery operator Camelot are to give the Lotto game an overhaul!  


Let's be honest it's been boring for a long time now and with the super Jackpots

you find in the Euromillions Lottery now days, some of the sheen has been lost from Camelots golden goose! 


Later this year they  will slightly change some of the prizes to be won but then double the price of  entry from £1 to £2. and increase some of the cash prizes!


  • If you were lucky enough to pick  3 correct balls the prize is now £25 guaranteed compared to £10 before,
  • The 4 ball prize will go up from £60 to £100.
  • Can you imagine picking 5  correct numbers? Don't bother because  the cash prize drops from £1000 down to £500. 
  • There's also a drop for players who get 5 numbers plus the bonus – their winnings will be £50,000 down from £100,000.


The reason for the price rise is so  jackpots increase to an average of £5million for the Saturday game and £2.5million for the mid-week game. There will also be a new  lotto raffle game  and this is expected to generate 50 x £20,000 winners on each game.


According to Camelot the revamp is because their studies suggest players want more ways to win more money (The National Lottery).


Well our research shows that what people really want is a realistic chance of winning a substantial amount of money! The odds of winning the lottery haven't changed and the only new way to win more is through the raffle. There are now more prizes to be won with the introduction of the raffle but what are the chances you will be one of the 50 winners? Online Competitions still has the best odds of any competition, prize draw, or lottery style product on the market because!


1 person in 100 will win money or prizes! Guaranteed


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