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Is Rafa Benitez being treated unfairly by the Chelsea fans? 


On one hand you would have to say yes but from another point of view what did he expect? 

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After a great start to his Career in Liverpools first team, Andre Wisdom puts some of his success down to the influence and training methods of Jamie Carragher. Andre Wisdom started at the Liverpool youth academy at the age of 14 and says the veteran defender always tried to pass on his knowledge of the game to all the young players even the

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Sturridge gets the number 15 Shirt

It is widely rumoured that Daniel Sturridge who signed for Liverpool Football Club on Wednesday  will make his first start for Liverpool against Mansfield Town in the F.A. Cup on Sunday! Chance to win

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Liverpool's next number 9 ?

Is this really the man to take Liverpool Football Club to the next level?

Daniel Sturridge is on the verge of completing his move to Liverpool. He is said to be appearing as a spectator at Anfield for the Match tonight against Sunderland!


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Brendan Rodgers is sure to get more time than Hodgson but does he deserve it?

What a frustrating season for Liverpool Football Club!

On one hand it is great to see youth being given a real chance for once and in the long term this can only be good for the Club. Liverpool has a great record for quality players who have come through the ranks.

On the Pitch the style of play as looked convincing in patches, but to be fair Liverpool have always played “Tika Taka” to some extent but it used to be called “Pass and Move”

But are these positives clouding the fact that after 19 games Liverpool have exactly the same points tally as they did after

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this is post-1.

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