Rafa Benitez and Chelsea. Was it a chance to win something gone wrong?

Is Rafa Benitez being treated unfairly by the Chelsea fans?

On one hand you would have to say yes but from another point of view what did he expect?

With his Champions League win Roberto Di Matteo already a fan favourite at the club reached iconic status and any manager following him into the job only months after would have had a hard time!

So why did Benitez decide to take the job under these circumstances given that he had been openly critical of the Chelsea supporters during his reign as the Manager of Liverpool Football Club?

Was it for the Money?

Was it for the chance to win something?

Was it simply for the fact that he needed to show his face in management to make sure he didn’t become Football’s forgotten man?


Some people think it was crazy of him to take the job with the title of interim manager. Apparently he didn’t know he would be given that title, but let’s be honest every manager is an interim manager at Chelsea  since Roman Abramovich took over the Club.

I really think that Rafa Benitez saw this as his chance to win something again, confident in the belief that doing so would win over the Chelsea Fans and perhaps even get him a slightly longer tenure at the Club. What he could not have envisaged was that a group of supporters would go so far as to literally sabotage their own team to get him the sack. It’s plain for anyone to see that the toxic atmosphere surrounding the team has to have an effect on the players. When times are hard it’s your support which can act as the 12th man and get you over the line. In effect every time Raffa’s Chelsea have played at home they are immediately at a disadvantage because they are effectively playing against 12 men which is a crazy situation to put your team in!

So who is to blame?

There can only be one person in my opinion and that has to be Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea had a good chance to win something this season, not only that, without his constant tinkering Chelsea could have established a dynasty in world football. With a constant manager at the helm to instil a sense of togetherness from the ground up they could now be having world class players coming through their ranks instead of having to buy a complete new team. And looking at the way Liverpool are starting to produce young talent again, mostly due to a philosophy put in place when Benitez was in charge there, Chelsea may have missed a great opportunity in Rafa Benitez!

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